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Unique Gym Towels’ sole focus is to provide you with the highest quality gym and running towels available in the market.

Our relentless focus on quality ensures we use the finest available pure cotton, weaved and stitched in the finest possible manner.  

You can’t hit the gym without breaking a good pool of sweat. All those pools of sweat call for a quality gym towel to keep you dry and wipe up sweat from gym equipment. Made with 100% pure cotton, Unique Gym Towels are soft, super sweat absorbent, and durable making them the best gym workout towels for sweat. 


Gym Towel Absorption and Drying Time: Gym towels don’t need to have the same amount of absorption as a bath towel does.  Even if you sweat buckets, you aren’t going to be as wet as if you’d taken a shower.  Plus, you shouldn’t wipe away sweat. If you wipe away sweat before it evaporates, you prevent your body from naturally cooling down. Thus, you want to look for a gym towel with enough absorbency so you don’t get gym machines all drenched but is still going to dry very quickly.  Cotton is the best gym towel material for this. Our exercise sweat towels absorb sweat at a 40% faster rate then regular workout sweat towels.


    Gym Towel Durability: While microfiber towels are good, even the best workout sweat towels will degrade with each washing. If you don’t want to constantly buy new gym towels, then cotton is better for your budget.  They cost more initially but pay off because they withstand hundreds of washings.  Unique Gym Towels are made for durability and longevity.