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Sweat Absorption

Unique Gym Towels’ sole focus is to provide you with the highest quality gym and running towels available in the market.

Gyms and other fitness facilities have always been known to be hotspots for bacteria. Hundreds of people go in and out of the gym every day putting their hands on each piece of equipment. Germs and other bacteria are bound to be transferred and left behind just like in any public place.


As you can see from the results above, a treadmill was found to contain the highest number of germs, harboring a massive 1.3 million cells of bacteria per square inch. Exercise bikes nearly tied the treadmill, and free weights (such as dumbbells and barbells) came in slightly lower at a still-massive 1.1 million cells per square inch.

Now, the numbers alone sound huge. It’s clear that this is a ton of germs we’re talking about here. But how do these compare to other items that we come into contact with daily? Check out the image below where each piece of equipment is compared to common public items like a sink and even a toilet seat:



Not only are Unique Gym Towels luxurious and comfortable, but because cotton is an all-natural material, it contains anti-bacterial properties that actively protects against viruses and other forms of germs.

Never let your gym and running towel leave your side again. Unique Gym Towels will help keep your body clean and protected from the vast number of viruses you could potentially come into contact with.